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Where passion, luxury, and all things beauty collide. Welcome! Zemona here. I’m a highly passionate yet experienced luxury makeup artist who enjoys every moment of not just meeting client expectations, but exceeding them every time. As a lifelong makeup advocate and licensed cosmetologist since 2004, I bring with me an extensive appreciation and expertise involving quality-level makeup artistry, color/tone matching, and the art of accentuating one’s already gorgeous features that enable them to look and feel their best. Even more, love being able to intertwine my perfectionist nature and passion for makeup (the makeup life chose me, not the other way around) to deliver ‘beyond the chair’ confidence and results and ensure those who sit in my chair attain the most fun, memorable, and all-around positive experiences they truly deserve.

Since jumping over to the makeup scene after a decade in cosmetology, I spent countless hours immersing myself in the intricacies of luxury makeup, including reading both Kevyn Aucoin books, watching professional makeup artists on YouTube, and attending classes with celebrity makeup artists such as Mario Dedivanovic (makeup by Mario), Tamara Roashan from Dress your face beauty, and Jordan Liberty. The fun part was applying what I learned to anyone willing
to let me practice! All in all, the studying and practice eventually started to come full circle, leading me to a professional level in this artesian field. So much, that I have had the keen opportunity to work at several distinguished establishments in Birmingham, MI and later blend that first-hand experience to finally open up a makeup business of my own.

That all said, welcome again! Whether you are seeking makeup applications for a wedding, special event, professional headshot, senior pictures, homecoming, prom, editorial photoshoots, or perhaps television features, nothing makes me happier than helping others achieve their unique versions of success. Overall, I am genuinely passionate about ensuring my clients unlock newfound confidence as they soak in the luxuries of self-adornment and building amazing long-term relationships with them along the way. In the end, my clients’ preferences are my preferences (but with strategy), am one who values quality over quantity, and every effort that I do as a makeup artist rests on one key notion – helping my clients step into the best versions of themselves.

About The Owner, Zemona Atto